Open Purposea is an international multidisciplinary design agency.

Since 2010, our solutions and services have been trusted by M Microsoft, M Dropbox, M Square, M Snap, M Palantir, M EQT Ventures, + more.

Founding a creative space and a concept store by redesigning a warehouse in Bangkok.

Optimising health with friends. A social app visualising all your health metrics in one place.

Retail experience enters the world of digital assets.

Furnishing for a modern lifestyle by Compliment. A set of seats ranging from small to large.

A community-oriented shopping experience made memorable.

A blockchain-powered wallet to secrurely hold all of your valuable documents in one place.

With Sonantic, we designed an immersive experience to turn text into hyper realistic voices.

Personalised banking experience with Rebilla. Sweden’s leading fintech company.

Branding exploration with comfortable shapes.
NFT project to fund an operating system for creative teams.

Reimagining Opal as a focus rehabilitation assistant for your digital devices.

Clothing label with attention to details. Designed to stand out, made to last.
We worked with Covertree to digitalise a modern experience to claim and renew insurance.

NFT project to fund an operating system for creative teams.

Simplyfiying the experience of managing hundreds of properties with Impower.

Bringing order to onboarding with Arrows. A tool for sales and customer success.

Creating a sustainable brand in the personal-care space. Renklar is here to bring mindful quality to products we use daily.

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