Dear Artists,

Over the years we’ve worked with some of the biggest names in the game, in the process growing our following to include thousands of collaborators and advocates.

While most companies build walls, everything we do has the intention of breaking them down and creating an open invitation to innovate and inspire. To push the agenda forward.

What would happen if we invited different artists to reimagine our brand using their own styles?

The creatives that take part in this journey today will have access to the future of our community, one founded on the principles we explore together.

So, the question remains - how will you explore having an open purpose?

Looking forward,
Open Purpose®

How it works


Email us your portfolio/Instagram/Dribbble.


We’ll reply with designs we like.


You’ll join our Slack to discuss direction.


We start 3-5 days paid work.


We post the result on our social channels with your story.

Submit portfolio —

Designed with Open Purpose 

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