OpenPurpose® combines your long-term vision with short-term goals to redefine your present.

Governments, conglomerates, enterprises and startups hire us when they can’t afford to fail.

Whether it’s shaping a new venture 0 → 1, evolving an existing company 1 → N or refreshing an industry leader without a brief N → XYZ, we have a formula that delivers results in record time.

Founded in 2010, Stockholm, Sweden OpenPurpose® has built a reputation of world-class experiences through our signature [P] Product and [B] Brand designs.

By collaborating directly with decision makers, we help founders, executives and leaders to get a glimpse into what the future may hold for them.

Together, we explore the past to predict the next step. We experiment with long term vision and short term goals in parallel to define the present. And we execute at a standard that sets the bar  high for the rest.





Skip the common pitfalls.
Take the shortcut to the top.




Get a new perspective.
Experience the full potential of your ideas.




Experience your future today. For a quarter, we bring you ideas/concepts/prototypes to explore what future might hold for you. No brief needed.




“OpenPurpose consistently do work that is beautiful and well thought out. We're big fans.”

Andrew Wilkinson,
Founder of MetaLab. Co-owner of Dribbble. Co-founder of Tiny.

“OpenPurpose is one of the very few agencies I've worked with that thinks and works like a startup.”

Ted Persson,
Partner at EQT Ventures & board member of NOA

“Without OpenPurpose we would have not been able to launch our new platform for over 65 countries within 3 months from start to finish - their speed and efficiency, yet thoroughly thought through design approach and delivery was truly impressive.”

Thomas Klews,
CDO VFS Global, EQT Partner

“OpenPurpose is one of the most talented design teams in the business. There is something powerful yet simple about Scandinavian design which 3drops take to an elevated level.”

Wilson Fong,
Partner at Venture, Prev. VP Partnership at Threadless

“OpenPurpose has pioneered a process that makes them to move faster than any other team I’ve had the pleasure to work with. They design, prototype and validate ideas in a matter of days, enabling us to make big decisions with ease.”

Phillip Buckendorf,
Co-founder & CEO at Airspace Intelligence

“It has been great working with OpenPurpose, engaging in a genuine design dialogue. Their commitment and skills let you iterate fast on what you know you want and explore uncharted territories that you might not have ventured into.”

Dom Leca,Founder at Beam,
Co-founder of Stuart, Sparrow, former Google

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